The 9 Best Hot Dogs In Every State

The 9 Best Hot Dogs In Every State

Who doesn’t love a good hot dog? From classic favorites to unique creations, hot dogs are a beloved staple of American cuisine. Here’s a rundown of the best hot dogs in every state, guaranteed to satisfy your craving for this iconic comfort food.

1. Alaska: Chinook Hotdogs, Fairbanks

Located in a renovated school bus in Fairbanks, Chinook Hotdogs offers unique creations like the ‘Merican with bacon and cheese or the Pedro with pinto beans and sriracha mayo. With its quirky ambiance and delicious menu, it’s a must-visit for hot dog enthusiasts in Alaska.

2. Arizona: BK Carne Asada and Hot Dogs, Tucson

BK Carne Asada and Hot Dogs in Tucson serves up a Sonoran-style hot dog with pinto beans, tomato, onions, jalapeno sauce, and grilled peppers—a delightful twist at a Mexican joint. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a flavorful hot dog with a Southwestern flair.

3. Arkansas: Bark Bar, Little Rock

Bark Bar in Little Rock is not just a bar but also a dog park, offering tasty hot dogs like The Schnauzer topped with sauerkraut and spicy mustard while your furry friend plays. It’s a unique dining experience where you can enjoy delicious food and spend quality time with your pet.

4. California: Cupid’s Hot Dogs, Canoga Park

Established in 1946, Cupid’s Hot Dogs in Canoga Park still serves up delicious hot dogs with a simple yet beloved menu. With its timeless charm and consistently great food, it’s a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

5. Colorado: Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs, Denver

Biker Jim’s in Denver offers an array of sausages, including exotic ones like ostrich, wild boar, and rattlesnake-rabbit, along with classic toppings and creative combinations. It’s a hotspot for adventurous eaters looking to try something new.

6. Connecticut: Carol’s Lunchbox, Farmington

Carol’s Lunchbox in Farmington offers steamed franks with chili, melted cheddar, and homemade hot pepper relish, all accompanied by the owner’s lively singing. It’s more than just a meal—it’s a memorable experience.

7. Delaware: Deerhead Hot Dogs, Newark

Deerhead Hot Dogs in Newark has been serving its secret sauce since 1935, making it a local favorite with a rich history. It’s the go-to spot for classic hot dogs done right.

8. Florida: VooDoo Dog, Tallahassee

VooDoo Dog in Tallahassee offers unique creations like the Atomic Veggie or the Wake-N-Bake, along with an eclectic ’80s and ’90s-themed ambiance. It’s the perfect spot for a fun and flavorful dining experience.

9. Georgia: The Original Hot Dog Factory, Atlanta

The Original Hot Dog Factory in Atlanta serves up specialty dogs like the BLT—a bacon-wrapped beef dog with all the fixings—and homemade corndogs for a delightful treat. It’s a must-visit for hot dog lovers in Georgia.

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