7 Best Pet Bird Species In 2024

7 Best Pet Bird Species In 2024

Pet birds have been cherished companions for centuries, offering their owners companionship, entertainment, and sometimes even conversation. In 2024, several bird species stand out as top choices for those seeking feathered friends. Let’s explore the seven best pet bird species of the year.

Parakeets (Budgerigars)

Budgerigars, commonly known as parakeets, are beloved for their vibrant plumage and playful personalities. These small birds are ideal companions for both novice and experienced bird owners. With proper care and attention, budgies thrive in captivity and enjoy interacting with their human companions.


Cockatiels are charming birds known for their affectionate nature and striking crest feathers. Unlike some other bird species, cockatiels prefer not to be confined to their cages all day. Providing them with opportunities to explore outside of their enclosures enhances their well-being and strengthens their bond with their owners.

Ring Necked Doves

Ring necked doves are gentle and low-maintenance birds that make excellent companions for individuals with busy lifestyles. These birds require minimal upkeep and enjoy spending time with their owners. With their soothing coos and gentle demeanor, ring necked doves bring a sense of calm to any household.


Lovebirds are aptly named for their affectionate behavior and strong pair bonds. These small parrots thrive on social interaction and appreciate spending time with their human companions. Whether cuddling with their owners or engaging in playful antics, lovebirds are sure to capture the hearts of bird enthusiasts.


Conures are vibrant and outgoing birds known for their colorful plumage and lively personalities. While they can be noisy at times, their playful antics and affectionate nature make them popular pets. Providing conures with plenty of toys and mental stimulation helps channel their energy and prevent boredom.

African Grey Parrots

African grey parrots are renowned for their exceptional intelligence and impressive vocabulary skills. These highly trainable birds thrive on mental stimulation and enjoy learning new tricks and words. However, African greys require a significant amount of time and attention from their owners to ensure their well-being.


Cockatoos are charismatic birds known for their playful demeanor and love of attention. These social birds thrive on interaction with their human companions and enjoy being the center of attention. While they can be demanding pets, the joy and entertainment they provide make them well worth the effort.

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