7 Unhealthiest Menu Items at Longhorn Steakhouse

Longhorn Steakhouse is renowned for its mouthwatering steaks and hearty dishes. However, not all menu items are created equal when it comes to nutritional value. Here are seven of the unhealthiest menu items you might want to steer clear of during your next visit.

1. Prime Time Burger

Sink your teeth into the Prime Time Burger and prepare for a calorie overload. This hefty burger boasts a combination of beef, bacon, cheese, and creamy sauce, resulting in a calorie bomb that’s high in saturated fat and sodium.

2. Renegade Sirloin

Despite being a classic steakhouse choice, the Renegade Sirloin at Longhorn Steakhouse can be deceivingly unhealthy. Loaded with calories and saturated fat, this menu item may not be the best option for those watching their waistline.

3. Outlaw Ribeye

Indulge in the Outlaw Ribeye steak and you’ll be treated to a flavorful yet unhealthy dish. This juicy ribeye is delicious but comes with a hefty caloric punch, especially when paired with calorie-laden sides like mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese.

4. Flo’s Filet

While filet mignon is often perceived as a lean cut of meat, the Flo’s Filet at Longhorn Steakhouse can derail your diet plans. Served with rich toppings and sauces, this menu item can quickly become a calorie-laden indulgence.

5. Longhorn Chili Cheese Fries

Craving something crispy and cheesy? Look no further than the Longhorn Chili Cheese Fries. However, be warned that these loaded fries are a calorie bomb, combining fried potatoes with chili, cheese, and other high-calorie toppings.

6. Loaded Idaho Baked Potato

While potatoes can be a nutritious side dish when prepared healthily, the Loaded Idaho Baked Potato at Longhorn Steakhouse is anything but. Piled high with calorie-laden toppings like cheese, bacon, and sour cream, this dish is best enjoyed in moderation.

7. Chocolate Stampede

Save room for dessert? Think twice before ordering the Chocolate Stampede. This decadent dessert features layers of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, and whipped cream, making it a calorie-laden delight that’s best shared with friends.

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